To all the blossoming flowers in the month of May


It has been many times said that once a child is born a MOTHER is born as well. For all of us who have had the privilege of motherhood we know how true this statement is. We blossom like flowers because of our children.

In many countries throughout the world the second Sunday of May is dedicated to the celebration of MOTHERHOOD!

But by mothers I do not mean birth mothers only, I mean the adoptive mothers, the grandmothers who raise their grandchildren, foster moms, the aunts and godmothers who in their daily participation in a child’s life act like their mother, to the dads that are now mothers as well because mom is no longer around.

To all of us blossoming flowers out there…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!

For my mom, Ligia, who has always been mother and father, a friend and great supporter of everything I do, I don’t want to just say happy mother’s day. I also want to say THANK YOU!!! Because without her support, creativity and love alegria would not have been possible!


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  • Flavia Augusta de Almeida
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