The independent artisans behind the alegria crochet products


Crochet is a skill, an art form that very few people possess nowadays, especially when product manufacturing has taken over the production of many goods, including knitted and crochet products.
It has taken alegria over a year and half to find, and train, a small but outstanding group of independent artisans to make our products by hand. The artisans are located in Brazil and they manufacture all the alegria BATH and PLAY collection products.

The premises of our work relationship with the independent artisans are:
1. We work only with experienced and committed professionals.
2. We provide the artisans with the exclusive alegria design, the raw materials, any necessary tools, and written instructions for each product.
3. The artisans evaluate the technicalities and the time they need to make each product.
4. The artisans set their price per unit of items produced. alegria does not negotiate with the artisans on the price.

We believe in respecting the artisan’s professional expertise. alegria provides additional financial recognition to the artisans who contribute to the design of the alegria products. In essence we work as a team! This is quite a new experience for them as independent artisans in Brazil often have to deal with customers bargaining their prices or determining how much they are willing to pay for handmade goods. It is a hard business for the artisans to be in.

alegria believes in ethically made products, in empowering each artisan via fair pay, and in recognizing their contributions to the design of our products. Thus far this philosophy has worked very well with the professionals we work with.

This team work environment that alegria has created benefits for the entire group as the artisans who have met once week for over a year to receive training and produce the products, have developed a sense of community between them and our training experts. They share techniques, stories, laughs and many cannot wait to meet again the following week.

The artisans we work with are retired ladies or mothers who can use their crochet making skills to contribute to their family’s income and work within a flexible working schedule that allows them to prioritize their family.

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  • Flavia Augusta de Almeida
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