Why crochet washcloths are so much better for bathing?


It was very important to me when I had my children to bathe them using natural sponges. Unfortunately I discovered that even though they were brilliant at the beginning soon after a few uses they disintegrated into pieces.

I was not very happy to use a towel washcloth as it took too long to dry in the moist bathroom environment. On a trip to Istanbul I saw that crochet washcloths were quite popular on daily use by both children and adults. So this is how my idea for designing crochet washcloths specific for babies and children came about.

The texture of a crochet washcloth can be controlled with the design of its stiches. Rougher surfaces tend to exfoliate more. Crochet washcloths are more porous than the towel ones allowing them to dry faster in the shower/tub humid environment. This is great, as dense washcloths tend to remain wet for too long and end up smelly and slimy. In addition, crochet washcloths are better at producing foam because of their texture.

The alegria washcloths provide an experience from babyhood to childhood to the child bathing alone. Their colours, size, and thread design has been specially developed for each phase.  There are three generations of the alegria washcloths:

The alegria Baby Washcloth: they are colourful and bright which makes them quite attractive to babies and toddlers. Most parents who have used this product always mention how much their babies love to play with the washcloth during bath time and how attracted they are to its colours. The size is ideal for the parents to use on the baby/toddler’s body and to have a firm grip of the washcloth; not too big and not too small. The choice of thread and stich is specifically designed to feel soothing on the babies’ soft and delicate skin.

The alegria Kids Washcloth: stitching pattern is different and uses a thicker thread which makes the product more appropriate for the use by older children. The bigger size is more suitable to children and makes it easier for them to handle the washcloth alone as long as they hold it with both hands.  As for the ‘fruit’ like design, well…alegria has a passion for fruits and veggies and always tries to encourage children to like them too!

The alegria Mitten Washcloth: aims to promote independence to little kids. This product is designed specifically to teach children how to bathe alone. At the beginning the adult uses the large glove to assist/show the child how to scrub and the child can do it on their own with their small glove. Once the kid learns how to bath the parent can even get to keep the large glove for their own personal use. Many parents that have used this product have confirmed that the children do enjoy the ownership of the product.

All our washcloths are hand made from 100% cotton tread. Our crochet products are made in Brazil by a group of independent artisans in a fair trade manner. For more information about it you can read our October news letter.

Check out the parent’s testimonials on our website about our washcloths. The alegria washcloths are more than just washcloths, they are part of a journey that starts at babyhood and becomes part of each development stage of your little one!

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  • Flavia Augusta de Almeida
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