For many of us Christmas is the time of the year we are looking forward to REJOICE and REFLECT. Some of us get the opportunity to escape the cold weather and go on HOLIDAYS somewhere warm and nice while others enjoy office and house PARTIES with friends and colleagues.

It is the time of the year we look forward to spending TIME and exchanging GIFTS with our friends and loved ones and we don’t necessarily worry about EXPENSES. The Christmas spirit is surrounding us with joy and we can reflect upon our life with a positive mind.  

Lately, many people in distress, especially children, do not look forward to PARTIES, rather only to having a meal or a warm place to sleep.

They do not wish for a HOLIDAY, as they have already left everything behind and do not know if they will ever return home from their journey.

They do not care for GIFTS. Their only wish is to remain united with their family and not loose one another in the long harsh journey ahead.

Being able to manage their EXPENSES is not an issue, as many have rid themselves of all their possessions perhaps to fund an uncertain journey. Others had their possessions taken as a result of war.

They can no longer have TIME with their loved ones, for many of them have been lost. Now they depend on the charity of strangers, and are only left with memories of better days.


Happiness means something different to everyone, but everyone seeks it. 
Children are the very definition of happiness and it is the right of every child to be happy. Unfortunately, many children due to their life circumstances are deprived of happiness. 

 This Christmas let us all think of the others who are less fortunate. Then let us REJOICE by extending a helping hand to them and make their life better and safer. And through this process we will truly REFLECT and realize what really matters in life.

Maybe in this way we can help others build a better tomorrow for them and their children. After all children are the foundation of tomorrow.

 Wishing EVERYONE to REJOICE + REFLECT more in 2016



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  • Flavia Augusta de Almeida
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