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So the new year is here and with many resolutions there is the one of a healthier life style. Especially after the indulging end of year meals and desserts, many of us will now focus on, or return to a more balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

With fruits in mind alegria is launching this January a new alegriaplay crochet toy, the fabulous PEAR!!! Pears are from the apple family and are among the most popular fruits in the world. With so many varieties of pears available and so many seasonal variations in their harvesting, they are available all year round throughout the world.

The introduction of fruits to babies starts at the weaning stage with the various fruits purees or fruit slices. The pear is one of the first fruits to be introduced to babies during weaning as it is sweet, juicy and one of the least acidic fruits; therefore, gentle to babies.

Usually, it is after weaning, that babies are introduced to pretend play toys that mimic fruits.

But what if we were to introduce children to pretend play toys that mimic fruits and vegetables before they start weaning, instead of stuffed animals or gender geared toys? Would that in anyway assist a child’s perception towards fruits and vegetables and healthy eating? At alegria we believe so. Healthy eating habits are developed as a result of many practices and habits by parents, including leading by example. Nonetheless, the early introduction of visual aid via fruit and vegetable toys that stimulates a baby’s cognitive ability can only be beneficial to encourage healthy eating habits and a good relationship with foods.

There have been so many efforts in changing school meals to healthier options, campaigns on the importance of ”5 a day” intake still without fundamental success. The introduction of kids to cooking or harvesting fruits and vegies is also essential for developing a good relationship with foods, but that takes place when children are older. How about starting children’s relationship with fruits and vegies when they are really young, before weaning, when they are discovering shapes and forms? We leave you with this ‘fruit for thought’ at the start of 2016. is a very educational website from America containing very interesting facts about this fabulous fruit, recipes, and trivia. We recommend you check it out!

Also when you sign up for the alegria news letter you get a 10% discount coupon for the purchase of an alegriaplay crochet PEAR!
Wishing you all a healthy 2016!

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  • Flavia Augusta de Almeida
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