Celebrating Switzerland…Celebrating Red


The 1st of August marks the Swiss National Day or Schweizer Bundesfeier which has been celebrated as a national holiday since 1994. The foundation of Switzerland began in 1291 when three Alpine cantons (Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden) swore the oath of confederation.

Marked by a firework shows the Swiss National Day celebration varies from canton to canton, of course, after all this is Switzerland! If you wish to know more about the celebration activities and locations for this big day check out the myswitzerland.com site where the information is broken down per canton. For those who have seen how the Swiss National Day celebration takes place in their canton of residence remember you can always organize a weekend trip to another canton to see how the national day is celebrated there. This time of the year is a great opportunity to immerse more into Swiss culture.

Swiss National Day is also celebrated abroad by the Swiss expats which now count for over 766,000 people. In London for example the Swiss National Day London website has already started its count down to party time.


At alegria we are celebrating the Swiss National Day with our red juicy apple, strawberry and tomato alegria PLAY crochet fruits. We have added a typical Swiss recipe for each of the red ‘fruits’ we have at the alegria PLAY collection. We hope you can make one or all of them with your kids and enjoy these treats in the August summer month of celebration in Switzerland.

If you love apples you should try the Deep Fried Apple Cookie or how it is called in German Apfelküchlein. Who has not seen in most supermarket  or bespoke bakeries in Switzerland the  Strawberry Swiss Roll? They are as scrumptious as they look. Now if you are looking for a summer lunch recipe which involves more than ‘grillen’try the Tomaten mit Sellerie-Remoulade!

Happy Swiss National Day on August 1st!



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  • Flavia Augusta de Almeida
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