Grandparent’s day - The importance of the relationship between old and young!


September 11th Marked the official date for Grandparents Day worldwide. Grandparents may drive the parents crazy at times but they sure are special for their grandchildren.

I had a very close relationship with my maternal grandparents, especially my grandfather who was also a father figure and friend until my adulthood. Even for many who have not had a very close relationship with their grandparents have memories which revolve around something sweet and special.

Grandparents contribution to their grandchildren’s lives can have many roles. They may serve as a confidant to their grandchildren, especially if they are experiencing difficult moments at home.  In this case providing emotional support. In addition, they are providers of encouragement often via sharing stories of the past. Stories that may relate to what mum or dad used to do when they were the same age.

In many cultures grandparents are the official story tellers that keep the family traditions alive. They help the children understand family relationships beyond the immediate family and assist in passing on family values.

Because grandparents do not have the educational role of the parents they provide another viewpoint, often not judgmental.

I believe that children who have active grandparents in their lives are happier children who are privileged to be provided with a different perspective in life. It is us parents who need to enable and nourish this relationship between our children and their grandparents even when there are difficulties amongst the adult’s relationships. It is often not easy, but the elderly child relationship is very much different than the relationships amongst adults. And each grandparent has different strengths, interests, and knowledge that can be passed on to the children and maybe sparkle other interests and path of discoveries in our kids. 

In short grandparents diversify the realm of knowledge and interaction of children. I have found a very interesting article on Gingersnap about ‘10 reasons why the relationship between Grandparents and Grandchildren is so important’ that I would like to share with everyone. It is a two parts article.

Part1 & Part 2

So to all the grandparents out there


May you continue to bring much ‘alegria’ in your grandchildren’s lives!


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  • Flavia Augusta de Almeida
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