Lighter is better!


All of a sudden we can only find duvet covers as part of the bed linen choices menu. Yet there was a time where there was a top bed sheet and then a blanket. This time seams to be long gone. Don’t get me wrong even though the duvet option is quite convenient for adults and older children, for babies it is an entirely different matter.

At alegria we believe that top cot-bed sheets are a better option for babies than a duvet cover as they allow for blankets of different thickness to be used throughout the year in order to help control the baby’s body temperature. When using a duvet there are only two options throughout the four seasons of the year: duvet + duvet cover (very warm) or just the duvet cover (warm). But a nice cotton cot-top bed sheet allows air to circulate around your baby, keeping him/her cool during the warmer months.

The design of our cot-bed sheet’s is unique as it has a wide colourful band that comes in different patterns to fold over the blanket or cot-bed sheet itself. This wide band is a double layer of cloth, thus heavier, which tends to stay in place regardless of baby movement. Our cot-bed sheet’s dimensions are a little larger than the average (L 139cm – W 100cm) therefore the top cot-bed sheet can be tucked in securely to the sides and still allow for baby movement under the covers. The pillow case cotton fabric matches the colourful cot-bed sheet band, making for a lovely charming set for your baby’ room.

So our message for the last month of summer is that lighter is better on the warmer months and that lighter top cot-bed sheets are still better through the year as it gives parents the freedom to combine different blanket thickness and materials throughout the year to keep their baby warm.


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  • Flavia Augusta de Almeida
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