The alegria Children Lavender Pillow and the importance of a bedtime routine


New parents tend to get their hands on most material that will educate themselves regarding topics unknown to them about parenting. One topic that is amongst the most popular is the importance of sleep for babies and children.


I remember I was given quite a popular book on the importance of good sleep for babies and children, recommended by an architect friend. Unfortunately, the book was so technical and full of graphics that I soon lost interest. As a new mum I was interested in facts but also in a lighter and funnier reading material. But aside from the books and webpages I read, scientifically or experienced based, the exchange of information with other parents was extremely valuable to me as a new mum. Interestingly I observed that my friends from southern European countries would put their babies to sleep much later than the ones from northern European countries. Clearly this is related to climate and culture, but no matter where around the globe the fact remains that children need to have enough sleep and that regular bedtime routines are essential. Most children between 5 and 12 sleep require about 9.5 hours a night, but experts note that most children need between 10 or 11 hours each night.  There are two websites which I find quite holistic in terms of providing tips and info about children and teenagers sleep: National Sleep Foundation and  NHS Choices

So aside from going to bed at a time that allows the child to have the required hours of sleep, having a cuddling toy, blanket or pillow may also help the child get into a structured sleeping routine mode.


Since my daughter was a baby she had a well-structured bedtime routine which included a nice bath to relax, some nice winding down time in the bedroom with dimed lights, classical music and feeding time. At times when I was breast feeding I often let her fall asleep whilst feeding. As she became older we removed the music and introduced reading books to her.

It was during that time when she was a baby that the idea of the lavender pillow came about. My mother made my daughter’s first lavender pillow when she was a tiny baby not yet using pillows to sleep, but I used to place it next to her in the cot. Isabella loved the pillow! The creation of the alegria Children Lavender Pillow has been inspired by a grandmother’s gift and the soothing properties of lavender.

Lavender has been used as a sleeping aid for many years. As a mum I used lavender scented bath products for my baby and 7 years later the lavender pillow is still present in her bed. Now, her alegria Children Lavender Pillow, is more of a cuddly pillow as it is small in size for her to sleep on.  

The design of the alegria lavender pillow was extensively developed to arrive at what we have today. Many mums who been given prototypes to our lavender pillows at the different design stages have contributed greatly to what is today the most popular product in the alegria SLEEP collection.

I invite readers and parents to check the parents' reviews about the alegria  Children Lavender Pillow. Under TESTIMONIALS there is also more information about what other parents have to say about this product.


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  • Flavia Augusta de Almeida
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