Which are our 'happier products'?


As alegria celebrates this month its 1st birthday we decided to promote our most popular products! So which are our ‘happier’ products and what do the parents and users have to say about them? Well, our most popular products are from the alegria PLAY and alegria BATH collections.

The alegria crochet toys are by far our most popular products. Coming in 1st place is the banana, followed by the carrot, pear, strawberry and aubergine.

On the alegria BATH front the baby washcloth has been by far the most preferred product of this collection followed by the mitten wash cloths.

I have written in the past a blog about crochet washcloths “Why crochet washcloths are so much better for bathing?” and for parents looking for a better bathing accessory alternative I invite you to read it and look at alegria' s view on this subject and why our collection has been designed the way it is. Parents should also read the alegria TESTIMONIALS where other parents describe their views about our products.

In order to celebrate alegria's first anniversary we will give away one of each of our happier alegria play products in a promotion which will run the entire month of September. The prize consists of: a banana, a pumpkin, an aubergine, a carrot, and a strawberry. For details on the competition check our Facebook page.

And stay tuned because there are more fruits and veggies coming up this year to join the alegria play family, and who knows they may become even more popular than our 1st anniversary happy products!




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  • Flavia Augusta de Almeida
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