The alegria story

alegria’s creator, Flavia de Almeida is a British-Brazilian Architect. Flavia’s passion for product design has always been present throughout her architectural career.  It was when she moved to Switzerland in 2013 that she materialized this passion via the creation of alegria.

alegria, means happiness or joy in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian and it is also a social entrepreneurship founded in Basel, Switzerland in 2015. alegria is the dream to inspire children via the art of crochet. This dream is realized through fairness in trading and promoting the empowerment of woman in one of the poorest areas of Brazil

The alegria brand is defined by bringing happiness to children via the use of its fun products. The four collections of alegria have been inspired by the daily life of a small child which can be summed up in:

alegria PLAY | alegria BATH | alegria SLEEP | alegria EAT

We all seek happiness in life for ourselves and our children. Children are the very definition of happiness as they bring so much joy and love in the lives of those around them.

Even though it is the right of every child to be happy unfortunately, many children due to their life circumstances are deprived of happiness or basic needs. It is with that in mind that alegria was founded on the following principles: Ethical Products, Empowering Women and Giving Back to children in need.

Ethical Products + Empowering Women – Crochet is an artistic skill which many women in developing countries can use it as a source of income. Unfortunately, their skills are most of the time undervalued and payment for their work often not received on time if received at all. alegria has spent over two years working with groups of independent artisans in some of the poorest areas of Brazil. The independent artisans we work with are mothers or retired ladies. They work within a flexible work schedule that allows them to prioritize their families, most importantly their children. Our policy is that we do not set manufacturing prices. The artisans we work with are given the prototypes designed by alegria and after their close evaluation they let us know how much they will charge to produce the required pieces. All material and sometimes tools are provided by alegria along with any required training for the production of our products.

Giving Back – Life is a cycle! It was based on this notion that we feel that it is important to give back to children in need, and that completes the alegria cycle! We support the most deprived children through Magic13, an initiative by “Save the Children”. “Save the Children” has been committed to the well-being of children since 1919 and we are very proud to be able to contribute to their phenomenal work. For more information on Magic 13 and alegria’s contribution to Save the Children go to GIVE BACK.


Children discover through play and they should always be encouraged to learn during their path of discovery. At alegria we believe that early introduction of fruit and vegetable toys to babies will stimulate their cognitive ability and will be beneficial in their encouragement of healthy eating habits as well as helping them develop a good relationship with healthy foods. Healthy eating habits are developed as a result of many practices and habits by parents, including leading by example. However, it is never to soon to start getting our children familiarized with fruits and veggies.

Finally, each of our products has been tested and critiqued by a very diverse group of parents throughout the design phases. Check out our TESTIMONIALS!